Friday, August 19, 2005

When will it end

Okay, I know gas prices are higher than ever and will continue to rise, but can the news stop stating the obvious. Everyday headlines read "Gas at record high", every freakin' day the same thing. We know the price is high, but do they have to keep reminding us. It would be like someone coming up to you everyday and saying "I'm one day older today" every day. At first you may accept it, then after a day it would get old, after a week it would be annoying.

Now on to my gas rant. Okay, who is to blame for the high gas prices? Bush? No. Oil producing countries? No. Car manufacturers? No. The Iraq War? No. Americans....? Bingo. Why you ask, are Americans to blame for gas prices? Because we have to drive the biggest f-in things on the face of the earth to the grocery store or the mall. We want the big SUV, so on the off chance that we may want to climb a mountain, ford a river, rip tree stumps out of the ground, or survive a missle attack, we can do so. A few people start to buy SUVs, then they catch on and now 1/2 the country wants one, they want bigger ones, they want ones that are different than others, they want to be bigger and better than anyone else. Its the "extreme" factor, we have to out do our neighbor.

So Americans gobble up these behemoth, gas guzzling, too large for a parking space rovers and now they have the gall to complain about gas prices. Its simple, the more we use a limited resource, the more we pay. Gas and oil are not endless supplies. Don't blame car manufacturers either, they are a business, they follow the market trends. The bigger SUVs Americans buy, the bigger the car companies will produce them.

If you can't afford the gas, give up the dream that you may one day take your "Offroad Vehicle" off road, you haven't and you never will.

Buy a Hybrid or something else with good fuel economy, if you can't do that, then car pool, if you won't do that, catch a bus, if you won't do that, ride your bike.

Just stop complaining and take some responsibilty for our economy and gas prices. We have the power to change the world if we just try to.


Blogger John said...

I like the "ride your bike" idea.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

I've heard gas could go up to 2.70 since Katrina is affecting the rigs in the gulf. Yay! - well not really.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous phil said...

Actually, the reason gas prices are high are the oil and refining companies. Out of the $70/barrel of crude oil, a majority of that is pure profit. True, crude oil yeilds only about 30% gasoline, but other products are made from the rest of the barrel (propane, some plastics, asphalt, jet fuel...) Put all the costs of production and distribution together, and very simply put, about $40 is profit. Place the blame on the same companies you buy from, and on the limited supply of light sweet crude, and on the gas-guzzlers creating high demand.

Rebecca, you are right. Katrina has adversely affected many of the 300+ drilling rigs in the gulf, and it has also severely disrupted refining capacity in the gulf states. Most of the public doesn't know this, but Goldman Sachs is buying up refineries that have been shut down in the gulf region (as well as others across the US). A refining industry-shake-up. Expect more price increases in the future.

Even the oil people I work with envy my ability to live car-free on a bike.

1:30 PM  
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